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来源:太美传媒 | 2011-07-28 | 0条评论
T.C. Swartz讲诉环球旅行梦想
T.C. Swartz
Beijing speech 23 July 2011
The urge to explore is deep in the DNA of all humans.  It is because of our insatiable curiosity to see new places and have new experiences that we have survived as a species.  Searching for new food sources across a mountain range; in search of secrets  across the sea.  Dreaming of finding a new paradise, or a magic solution to lengthen our lives.   And once we have accomplished one goal, we immediately strive for another more ambitious goal.  Ours is a never ending quest to see things we have not seen, to learn and interact with people and places we may have barely heard about.  
T.C. Swartz和主持人交流环球梦想

In modern times thanks to technology, the earth has been very thoroughly explored, but we as humans still have the quest to explore and to learn.  Young children dream of going to the moon. Young people dream of going to foreign capitals. To see how their contemporaries live.  Adults dream of seeing the world’s wonders.  Seniors want to see how things have changed in their own lifetime.  Why?  Because it is in humankinds’ core to use their imagination and dream of seeing places and people which we have not seen.  To understand how and why people and places are the way they are.  To learn  how we are the same, and how we are different.  The unquenchable desire to learn and understand and to dream of seeing distant places and peoples is with all of us who have the opportunity and intelligence to do so.

As we all know well, Life is challenging.  A never ending series of problems to be solved.  But no matter how difficult our challenges, we can always dream.  That is why ancient peoples from earliest man built great monuments and developed great cultures  from their cumulative knowledge.  Because they had imagination and visions of what could be.   This is universal in virtually all peoples and all cultures across the entire globe.  One of the things that differentiates cultures is the difference of their dreams.  How interesting it is to see how a different culture’s dreams are from our own!

Every great leader, every great inventor, every great philosopher had vision and imagination…in other words, they were great dreamers!   Dreaming of things that others told them were impossible.  But one by one throughout the ages, they proved,  that “impossible” is just someone else’s opinion.

T.C. Swartz说的故事主持人很惊讶

Why do we have a quest for exploring, of seeing distant lands?  For many of us it is to gain wisdom by understanding the cultural richness of others, and also to  feel a sense of  “travel accomplishment.”  Early explorers  felt this sense of travel accomplishment when they climbed a tall peak, reached an arctic or Antarctic pole, we too feel a sense of travel accomplishment when we visit distant places.  If we travel with an open mind, we will definitely gain wisdom.

为什么我们会喜欢探索遥远而未知的世界? 对多数人来说,是为了开阔眼界,从不同的文化中获得见解与智慧,以及获得一种见多识广的成就感。早期的探险家们通过征服高山、抵达极点来获得这种体验。每当我们在遥远的异域旅行,我们也都会有这样的感受,而如果我们在旅行的同时开放我们的心灵,我们一定会在旅行的同时收获智慧。 
For these informed modern day travelers/explorers, the experiences we have and the people we meet are more important than the hotels we sleep in or the banquets we enjoy.  Why is that?  It is because rare and deeply meaningful experiences will imprint on our memories forever, perhaps change the way we think or view each other, and enrich our lives. This is how real growth and understanding occurs.   The luxury hotels and banquets will fade in our memories. It is what we learn that enriches our lives, not what we consume.  The dream of travel and the travel itself is indeed one of the most enriching endeavors we can have.  It is an ancient Chinese proverb:  “It is better to travel 100 miles than read 100 books. “  In our rapidly changing world, this is more important today than ever before.

If you remember nothing else from this short speech, please remember this.
“If you can dream it, you can do it.”  Every great discovery, invention and accomplishment has come from a person’s personal dream.  A dream which others said was “impossible.”


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